Body Parsing

Digital Video Projection, HTML, JavaScript (2018)

(This is a screen capture of a procedurally generated video. Slices of the body images in the video randomly animate to new positions on their x-axes.)

Certain parts of our bodies are often more visually familiar to others than to ourselves. We can see these parts in the mirror, feel them with our fingers, and freeze them in photographs. But they are fragments that only another can directly experience. 

The images here are samples of those fragments. Up-close, out-of-context and randomly shuffled, they lose their association with the human body and move toward something closer to letterforms or landscape. ‘Body Parsing’ invites the viewer to simultaneously examine the body up close and at a distance. It explores the topography of the point where the familiar becomes the strange.

“Body Parsing”. Solo exhibition. Nisus Gallery, Portland, Oregon. August, 2013.