No in Disguise

Interactive Multimedia Installation (2018)

No in Disguise is an ongoing project that examines sexual consent through actual conversations with algorithmically targeted dating site users who expressed harmful attitudes toward women. The transcripts of these conversations are read by volunteers on video, and the volunteers are invited to respond to what they read. Their features in the video are randomly recombined with every play-through, creating an endless procession of unfamiliar voices and faces that look like every man and no man in particular.

The exhibition features two large-scale digital video projections: one of randomly collaged facial features of volunteers reading the chat transcripts, and the other of the volunteers’ recorded personal responses to the transcripts.

On a stand in front of the projections rest several iOS devices featuring a custom app interface through which visitors may explore verbatim reproductions of the OkCupid conversations and submit their own questions to the artists.

No in Disguise is the continuation of over a year of research into repurposing online dating platforms to explore the role of power and permissions in contemporary hetero-masculine sexual identity.

MidGray project produced in collaboration with Kris Blackmore.